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Reading and Reference

Many of these books were privately published and are hard to find, but are well worth it when you do. Many may be located in the Cascade or McCall Public Libraries, the Roseberry Museum, and the Idaho State Historical/Genealogical Library in Boise, ID.

Callender, Signe Bollari. -- Early Days in Long Valley: Pioneers, Settlers. 1986(?)

Carrey, John and Cort Conley. -- The Middle Fork and the Sheepeater War. Backeddy Books, Cambridge, Idaho. 1980.

Colson, Art. -- Rewards of Rage, The Deadshot Reed Story. CHJ Publishing, Middleton, Idaho. The story of Reed's 1919 killing of George Krassel on the South Fork.

Cox, Lafe and Emma. -- Idaho Mountains, our home/life in Idaho's backcountry. Bookcrafters, Inc., 1997. This book is about Lafe's and Emma's life on Johnson Creek and the Cox Dude Ranch. to order:

Dodds, Earl. -- Tales from the Last of the Big Creek Rangers, Payette National Forest, electronic version

Fuller, Margaret. -- Trails of the Frank Chuch-River of No Return Wilderness. Signpost Books, 1987.

Grey, Zane. -- Thunder Mountain (a novel).

Helmer, Cheryl. -- Warren Times/A collection of news about Warren, Idaho. Henington Publishing Company, Wolfe City, TX., 1988. Includes the greater Warren area.

Hill, Kathy Deinhardt. -- For Better or Worse; the Legacy of William "Deadshot" Reed. Big Mallard Books, McCall, Idaho. 2003.The story of Reed's 1919 killing of George Krassel on the South Fork.

Hill, Kathy Deinhardt. -- On the Road; Twenty Great Day Trips from McCall. Mallard Books, McCall, Idaho. Includes Big Creek, Stibnite, Burgdorf Hot Springs to name a few.

Ingraham, Beverly. -- Looking Back: Sketches of Early Days in Idaho's High Country 1992.

Jordon, Grace. -- The King's Pines of Idaho/a story of the Browns of McCall. Kirkwood Publishing Co., 1998.

Koskela, Alice. -- the pull of moving water. Washington State University Press, Pullman, Washington. 1999. Memoirs of growing up in the Hanna area of western Gem County in the 1950's. Book also includes some Koskela family history in Valley County.

Matthews, Gratia Bacon. -- Once Upon a Time, Cascade was born. Mountain States Press, Boise, Idaho. 1988.

Metsker's Atlas of Valley County (1881-1940) (85 maps). by Charles F. Metsker. The Metsker Atlas is an interesting browse as it shows the proposed Cascade Reservoir and the property owners that were bought out when the dam waters covered their property. There is a copy at the Valley County Assessors office.

Midmore, Moe. -- Middle Fork {of the Salmon River} History. 1970.

Mills, Nellie Ireton. -- All Along the River/Territorial and Pioneer Days on the Payette. Privately printed for Payette Radio Limited, 1963. index at Payette Co. GenWeb

Minshall, G. Wayne. -- Wilderness Brothers: Prospecting, Horse Packing, & Homesteading on the Western Frontier. Streamside Scribe Press, 2012. (The story of Caswell Brothers)- ISU Headlines

Minshall, G. Wayne. -- Cabin Creek Chronicle/History of the Most Remote Ranch in America Streamside Scribe Press, 2014.

Petersen, Duane L. -- The Evolution of Logging in Central Idaho D & D Books, Cascade, Idaho. 2008.

Petersen, Duane L. -- 83 Miles of Hell, the Stibnite Ore Haul, 1942 to 1952. D & D Books, Cascade, Idaho. 1999.

Petersen, Duane L. -- Lonesome whistle: Shay logging in central Idaho D & D Books, Cascade, Idaho. 1998.

Petersen, Duane L. -- Mostly True Tales, From the Coffee Shop. D & D Books, Cascade, Idaho. 2012.

Petersen, Duane L. -- Three 'R's' The Hard Way One-Room Schools of Valley County D & D Books, Cascade, Idaho. 2000

Petersen, Duane L. -- Valley County, the Way it Was. D & D Books, Cascade, Idaho. 2002.

Pottenger, Cynthia. -- My Roseberry. The Star-News, McCall, Idaho. 1972.

Reinikka, Merle A. and Gene A. Knapp. -- Finnish Settlers of Long Valley, Idaho. 1990.

Smith, Don Ian and Naida West. -- Murder on the Middle Fork. Bridge House Books, 2005. The fictionalized account of the 1917 murder of Julius Reberg, on the Valley County side of the Middle Fork. Charles Ernst and his wife Frances Cooper Ernst were convicted of this crime.

Sumner, Nancy G. -- Yellow Pine, Idaho (printed privately)

Valley County History Project. Pan, Picks and Shovels. Stories gathered by the Valley County History Project. - to order

Valley County History Project. -- Free Land! Hopes and Hardships of Pioneers of Valley County. Valley County History Project, 2009.

Witherell, Jim. -- The Log Trains of Southern Idaho. Sundance Publications, 1989.

Wells, Merle W. -- Gold Camps & Silver Cities/Nineteenth Century Mining in Central and Southern Idaho. Idaho Department of Lands, Bureau of Mines & Geology, Moscow, Idaho, 1983.


Additionally, the U.S. Payette National Forest, Heritage Program has a number of publications relating to specialized aspects of the history of Valley County. These may be accessed at the Cascade and McCall City Libraries and the Administrative Headquarters of the U.S. Payette National Forest in McCall, ID.; except for the Rossillon pub. which is in the Boise National Forest Headquarters Office in Boise, Idaho. Among these are:

The Civilian Conservation Corps, 1933 to 1941, on the Payette National Forest. By Dan Dzuranin.1994.

Wilderness of the Heart: An early history of the land and the people of the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness"By Sheila D. Reddy. 1995.

American Indians of Idaho, The Payette National Forest and the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness By Sheila D. Reddy, 1995.

An Overview of History in the Drainage Basin of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. By Mary P. Rossillon. 1981. (Boise National Forest)

To Idaho's Klondike: The Thunder Mountain Gold Rush, 1901-1909.By Bob Waite.1994.

For more Idaho books, see A Selection of Recommended Idaho Books by Idaho Librarians

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