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March 2014
Obituary of Thomas J. Davis (1915 -2014

January 2014
photograph of marker at Elk Creek Cemetery, courtesy of Christine Schoenhut Diehl - Thank you, Christine, for sharing!

photographs of Grant Smith's grave on Monumental, courtesy of Carrie Ellie Pitts - Thank you, Carrie, for sharing!

Daniel C. McRae & Grace Turner McRae, biographical sketch extracted from "The King's Pines"
William A. Edwards ( -1942) to obituaries

Evelyn Bowman obituary (1918-2013)
Emma Ruby Petersen Cox obituary (1920- 2011)
Lafe E. Cox obituary (1914 - 2002)

June 2013
"Tall Grass, Thick Timber Lures McCalls",from Idaho Statesman, December 17, 1939 (off-site)

May 2013
Ads from "Thunder Mountain News," April 22, 1905, courtesy of Steven Harshfield - Thank you, Steve, for sharing!
    Roosevelt Delivery O. T. Lingo, Prop.
    Boise-Pearl Stage, T. B. Walker, Prop.
    Plowman's, Payett River, Montour
    Taylor House, Sweet
    Millers, Ola & Miller's Store, Thunder City
    Sults' Ola, Thunder City, Vanwyck Stage
    Hays & Harley, General Wayhouse
    Smith Ferry, L. M. Gorton, Prop.
    Peter Neeb, The Round Valley Wayhouse, Fern, P.O., Peter Neeb, prop.
    Kentucky Home Hotel, Thunder City Mr. & Mrs. J. L. Alvey, proprietors
    W. H. Taylor, Scott Valley Farm
    Cross & Conyer's Big Creek Station
    C. C. Randall, Randall's Transfer, Knox P.O. Store; Feed Barn, Wm. Howel, Manager
    J. Kelly & L. McShane, Knox post office
    Temperance House, at Trappers Flat, W. J. Burke, Prop.
    Diamond's Road House, Reardon Creek
    Summit House on Monumental Summit

April 2013
Claude Fields obituary (1932-2013)
Simeon A. Willey obituary (1859 - 1939)

March 2013
Valley County, A Gem of the Gem State, from "Scenic Idaho," Winter 1954

February 2013
East Fork of the South Fork Road, by Ron Smith, with photos courtesy of Long Valley Preservation Society of Idaho - Thanks, Ron!
Ellison, Holcomb, Abstien, Willson, Behne, Hennessy, Willson, McCoy, Edwards, date unknown - Courtesy of Long Valley Preservation Society of Idaho, Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!

December 2012
"Gold Stampede at Thunder Mountain Brought New Life to Yellow Pine Area", by Earl Willson, from "The Idaho Statesman," December 26, 1962
"Ghosts Walk Under The Water," by Faith Turner, from "Scenic Idaho," Winter 1954 (The Thunder Mountain Story)

October 2012
To Big Creek, Stibnite and Yellow Pine Collection -
1920, First Vehicle to Yellow Pine, driven by Jerry Logue, Al Behne also in photograph, with two unknowns - Courtesy of Long Valley Preservation Society of Idaho, Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!
1922, First Ford into Yellow Pine, Al Behne in photograph, with several unknowns - Courtesy of Long Valley Preservation Society of Idaho, Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!

August 2012
Smith children with Napier Edwards wagon, Edwardsburg Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!

July 2012
McCall history -
The Last Telephone Operator: 1955-1960, by Nancy Brown Tomlin, Thanks, Nancy!

To Big Creek, Stibnite and Yellow Pine Collection
Lafe & Emma Cox, 1950's- Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!
Fay & Iva Kissinger, 1950's- Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!
Forest Grove Camp, Stibnite, 1954- Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!
Stibnite Airport Runway Plow, 1950's- Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!
Lafe Cox and Al Hennessey headed for Buck Creek
Murph and Mary Earl

May 2012

Women in Thunder Mountain, 1902, Viola Lamb, Mrs. Smith and M. A. Rice-- If I hadn't been reading "Pans, Picks and Shovels", I would never have heard about Mrs. Lamb's incredible account. I contacted the Payette National Forest and Larry Kingsbury generously sent me a copy of the Heritage Program article, plus some additional articles. Thank you, all!

photo of Earl Wilson and Smiths, 1953 - Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!

March 2012
Stibnite Photo Album
---- Stibite 1978 (S. McConnel photos)
---- Yellow Pine co. Stibnite map, 1931 -- Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!
---- Stibnite Pipeline, Winter '53/'54 -- Shared by Ron Smith - Thank you!
---- Stibnite,Our Gang, Winter '28-'29 -- Shared by Sandy McRae - Thank you!
---- Crew at Stibnite Post Office -- Shared by Sandy McRae - Thank you!
---- Stibnite Pipeline Crew, c. 1932 -- Shared by Sandy McRae - Thank you!
Link to biographical sketch of Walter Marshall Dexter (1830-1913), by Reba McMillan, g-granddaughter.
to history section - Martial Law Declared, 1931
2006 Obituaries, from Karen, Valley County Genealogy Society. Thanks, Karen!

February 2012
Death Notices for some of the men buried in Roosevelt Cemetery, courtesy of Penny Casey, Idaho County genweb Coordinator. Thanks, Penny!

December 2011
McCall and Roseberry in 1910, extracted from "The King's Pines of Idaho; a Story of the Browns of McCall" by Grace Edgington Jordan, Binfords & Mort Publishers, Portland, Oregon, 1961.
May 1915: Payette Lakes are Dazzling Water Gems newspaper article, Thanks again, Nancy!
Photographs of five Hoff headstones in the McCall cemetery, courtesy of Gretchen Hoff. Thank you, Gretchen, for sharing!

November 2011
Crawford Family History (includes some Gem County history) Thank you, Reba, for sharing!

October 2011
Seven newspaper articles about McCall, added to History Index, courtesy of Nancy Brown Tomlin, Thank you Nancy, for sharing!
History of Winter Sports Carnival - Nancy's e-mails sent me digging! - thanks for the prompt, Nancy!
Nine photos shared by Nancy Brown Tomlin - See Album Index Thanks again Nancy!
Boise-Payette Lumber Co. Crew, Cascade, 1917, courtesy of Kirt Kitchen, Thank you Kirt, for sharing!

July 2011
Additional Crown Point Cemetery photographs, courtesy of Dorothy Boggs. Thank you Dorothy, for sharing!

December 2010
Over 400 headstone photos to Margaret Cemetery, in Cascade.

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